Film Production

To explore the application of AI-generated programs in filmmaking, Star Rider is investing in AI and VFX programming, collaborating with IFTV Studios in Gold Coast Queensland Australia. A new Sci-Fi and comedy movie is currently being developed in Australia with a plan to incorporate AI and VFX technology.

AI in filmmaking opens up new possibilities and promotes the development of cutting-edge technology in filmmaking. It provides directions for a more cost-effective way for indie filmmakers as well as for the Hollywood elite in large-scale productions.

Star Rider is strategically placed in collaborating with Film and Media companies as well as industry-savvy education providers like ACIT & IFTV , an established leader in quality education and training, industry-based combined with Vocational Education, a world-class education training in technology, business, English and media, specialising in Data Centre Management, Telecommunications and Network Engineering, Cyber Security, Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence with an opportunity to get employment anywhere, securing the future of employment sector for industries for years to come.

A New Ground-Breaking Innovation in AI and Education

Star Rider is innovating new ways to educate by working together with dynamic institutions and industries, bringing projects to flourish, and encouraging new partnerships paving the way to ensure quality staff is available in the future.

Despite the widespread success of artificial intelligence (AI) across various domains, its full potential in the field of education, particularly in filmmaking education, remains largely untapped.

We employed a comprehensive approach, starting with an extensive review of existing filmmaking courses and AI-recommended courses.

Star Rider envisioned that both industry, education institutions, and students could benefit from AI-recommended courses. This research not only provides a fresh perspective on the practical applications of AI in filmmaking education but also offers ground-breaking insights for innovation in the field of education and technology enhancement.

Star Rider is currently working on a new educational partnership with ACIT & IFTV College ( to assist in technology research for AI, Robotics and Space education.


Star Rider will develop complex and ever-expanding, diverse and powerful AI technologies, for tasks in screenwriting, VFX, previsualization, content localization and sound editing in 2024 and beyond.”

Sonya McGuire CEO & Chief Executive Officer
Star Rider.