Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny'

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Star Rider is currently developing innovative Al programming in VFX and collaborating with a leading vocational education provider in Australia, in the area of VFX programming.

Why Visual Effects

The world of visual effects (VFX), computer-generated imagery (CGI), and film editing have seen a significant transformation with the help of Al and machine learning algorithms.

These technologies can help make films more realistic and immersive, elevating the overall cinematic experience.

Star Rider is investing in VFX programming to advance Al geenration in post production and effects.

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Just as CGI transformed the film industry more than five decades ago. Al is now transforming CGI in films like Avengers: Infinity War. The character of Thanos in the film was designed using machine learning algorithms.

VFX and CGI can use Al to create digital characters, change the age of the actors on screen without the use of makeup, and depict never-before-seen creatures like dinosaurs in films.

The changes can be seen in the latest Indiana Jones movie where the main actor Indiana age was transformed within the segments of production. The effects of Al generated sequence was seen in this movie without any knowledge that Al has tramsformed the age of the main actor. It was extremely cost effective process and something the film makers have not been able to use in the past.

Moviegoers will be in for a pleasant surprise as they're taken back to the 1940s in the opening sequence of the latest Indiana Jones film 'Dials of Destiny'. With the help of a new VFX technology, famed protagonist Indiana Jones, played by 79-year-old Harrison Ford, has been de-aged to appear around the age he was in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', which was released in 1981. The character was around 30-40 years old back then.

We are already using Generative Al in writing scripts so powerfully to enhance the writing and story telling, a powerful tool that has the potential to take over the film industry, as demonstrated by Metaphysic, whose deepfake of Tom Cruise went viral. Creating stunning creatures and environments, Al-driven VFX tools and CGI don't provide new types of artistry for our design and creative construction.